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Important To Know: How To Register a SIM Card In Indonesia

Prepaid SIM cards are the go-to option for most mobile users in Indonesia, known for their pay-as-you-go approach. These cards allow users to control their spending on mobile services by purchasing a predetermined amount of credit or “pulsa,” which can then be used for various services like calling, texting, and internet browsing.

Purchasing a SIM Card

To get started, one must purchase a SIM card from any of the numerous telecom providers in Indonesia. The process involves selecting a provider based on coverage, service quality, and package deals. Upon purchase, users are required to register their SIM card, a policy implemented by the Indonesian government in 2018 to enhance security and reduce fraudulent activities. This registration process typically requires providing a valid identification document.

Topping Up Balance

Once the SIM card is activated, users need to top up their balance to start using the mobile services. Top-ups can be done through various means, including convenience stores, ATMs, and online banking. The amount of top-up can vary depending on the user’s needs, with options ranging from small amounts for light usage to larger sums for heavy use.

Register a sim card for international tourist might be a time consuming after arrival at destination.

The Indonesian government recently introduced regulations requiring registration of all new tourist SIM cards by the individual user and also by the handset they will be used in by registering the device’s IMEI number.

You can focus on planning holidays preparation because  we will handle the registration when you purchase a SIM card from us. So you can skip the long queues, and your card is automatically activated as soon as you arrive in Bali.

Step 1 Register a Sim Card : Screenshoot IMEI

Something to provide for the registration process:

  1. Phone’s imei (screenshot or photo) from setting or check from dialing *#06#;
  2. Photo of the customer’s passport (1 passport can be used for a maximum of 3 different IMEIs and 3 SIM cards);
  3. Send them to our customer service for registration process;
  4. You can supply it via email at suryakumalaabadi@gmail.com or one of our contact numbers: +6287820582327 or +628572668 0712.

Once the registration is complete, the SIM card can be used for a period of 30 days. However, after that, it will be necessary to recharge the SIM card’s balance to extend the active period.

Furthermore, please note that the device will remain active for 90 days. After this period, your phone will be blocked in Indonesia. Should you wish to continue using the SIM card, you can purchase it again from us, and we will assist you with another registration.

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Important: Please remember that the SIM card can only be utilized with the phone for which we have completed the registration using the phone’s IMEI.

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