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Local Sim Card vs Pocket Wifi: Which One is Better?

Confuse between a local sim card or pocket Wifi, which do you prefer? 

It depends on your connectivity needs.. When it comes to traveling abroad, there are many things to prepare and a long to-do list. One essential aspect to remember is ensuring you have a reliable internet connection.

In today’s digital age, our smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, and having internet access while on an international vacation is crucial.

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It allows us to easily access digital maps, use dictionary apps, and browse websites that equip valuable data about tourist destinations, all in a pocket-sized gadget. Getting online can greatly enhance our travel experience.

Yet, obtaining an online connection might sometimes not be an easy deal. Finding a stable wireless connection might be complicated unless we rely on the freemium network option available at cafes or eateries where we have to buy their food to get it.

This is why tourists consider either grabbing a local SIM or renting a portable router for their short vacation. But what are the differences between these two and which one fit best for you?

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It is upon your need. If you value convenience, portability, ability to tack on devices at the same time, the portable Wi-Fi is the best one. It enables you to have a portable hotspot device wherever.

However, if you prefer simplicity and cheaper, utilizing local SIM is a viable option. It eliminates your obligation to carry more gear and offers a simpler way to get online as you would in your country.

Considering some circumstances including internet usage, the number of carried devices that need to get an internet connection, covered network areas that you’ll be visiting, and your planned budget are crucial to avoid wastage.

Also, check the local internet service providers for their data plans, covered network areas, and prices to determine the right choice for your specific travel needs.

Before we continue to deep–dive into which one must we choose between SIM Card or a compact Wi-Fi router, understand the meaning of each term:

Pocket Wifi

Pocket Wi-Fi, also known as a portable wireless network router is one of the most favorable devices to support network connectivity. You just need to switch it on to generate the wireless network to connect nearby devices to the internet. However, there are some inconveniences associated with it.

Firstly, it requires charging. This means, more gadgets are needed along with your other devices. Then, you are not only bringing one phone and its portable charger but also the pocket Wi-Fi and its portable charger.

Despite this, pocket Wi-Fi is extremely recommended when you are traveling with your friends, or bringing multiple devices that require internet connectivity such as smartphones and notebooks. It’s worth noting that one-handy Wi-Fi that connects up to 5 gadgets.

XL Bali Local Sim Card Booth at Ngurah Rai International Airport
JavaMifi Booth at Ngurah Rai International Airport

Sim Card

When doing international trips, an important thing to deal with is getting your suit SIM choice for internet data. The right SIM choice will determine the appropriate internet data for your connectivity. As a tourist, there are two alternatives to choose from; travel SIM or Local SIM.

Although called a travel SIM card it functions as a regular one, offering convenience also a steady internet connection. However, it’s worth noting that some travel SIMs might have different sizes, so they need a SIM card adapter or holder to fit your phone.

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Nevertheless, travel SIMs are a great option when you are entering numerous nations within a short period, as you don’t have to switch SIM every time you arrive in a new destination country. Thus, an important thing to note is that travel SIM can only work in countries that were issued by the internet provider company.

Alternatively, utilizing the SIM used by locals is very recommended for primarily entering one country, as in Indonesia, either for a long or short duration. It provides a reliable network when you stay during vacation.

How to Buy a Sim Card in Bali?

Sometimes working with Indonesia Sim Card can be confusing as it has different types of credit. But roaming in Indonesia is quite affordable and more convenient than the travel SIM Card. Hence, it is recommended to purchase Indonesia local SIM Card,  especially when you are visiting Bali.

You can find our on-site at Exit Gateway I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali or find us on site https://simcardairportbali.com for the cheapest and the easiest local SIM Card to get. We offer uninterrupted internet access during your stay in Indonesia.

That’s all information we can give for you, stay online, share on social media, and explore Bali with fast mobile internet. Follow @simcardairportbali on Instagram for more tips!

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