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A Simple Guide: How To Activate Sim Cards and Foreign Smartphones in Indonesia

Regulations on imported phones and customs duties

Imagine soaking up the sun on Bali’s pristine beaches while effortlessly staying connected to loved ones and accessing essential travel apps. Learn about the best places to buy local SIM cards and unlock a world of connectivity on the paradise island.

But before you can use a local sim card, the activation process for your SIM card and mobile device plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless communication during your international travels.

Firstly, it’s essential to understand the regulations set by Indonesian customs regarding imported phones and activation of sim cards. Travelers bringing phones from abroad are subject to customs duties, which can be quite substantial. It’s crucial to check the current regulations and potential costs to avoid any surprises upon arrival.

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Limitations on tourist phones

Another aspect to consider is the limitation imposed on tourist phones in Indonesia. According to regulations, tourist phones have a usage limit of 90 days. 

After this period, they are required to leave the country or face penalties. It’s important to keep track of the usage duration to ensure compliance with the regulations.

How to Activate SIM Cards

Now, let’s discuss the steps involved in activating your SIM card specifically for use in Indonesia. To activate it, please provide a passport and IMEI number. Because, when you ask a local store to register, they will screenshoot the Phone’s IMEI.

So, remember to keep the IMEI safe or write it on paper so it doesn’t lose or just in case it falls behind. It’s worth noting that one passport can register a maximum of three IMEI numbers. Once you have these documents ready, you can proceed with the activation process.

To simplify the activation process and save you time, SIMCardAirportBali.com offers a convenient solution. With our services, you can even pre-order your SIM card before your arrival by providing your passport data and IMEI numbers via WhatsApp or email. This way, you can skip the wait at the activation booth and collect your fully activated SIM card on the same day.

We ensures a swift and hassle-free experience, making it the ideal choice for tourists visiting Bali. Especially since our location is at the exit of I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali. So it will very easy for you to find us after arrival in Bali.

Tips for Preparing Foreign Phone With Local Sim Card

To activate a sim card, you typically need two important things, specifically a passport and the IMEI number of your device. These tips are necessary for your trip preparation, so it’s crucial to have them readily available.

  1. Purchase in Advance: Consider purchasing before your trip. Online platforms like SIMCardAirportBali.com allow you to pre-order SIM cards and have them delivered to your home or pick them up at the airport upon arrival.
  2. Activate and Register: Follow the instructions provided by the network provider to activate and register your SIM card. Be prepared to provide necessary identification documents, such as your passport, as part of the registration.
  3. Test the Connection: Once the telecommunication card is activated, test the connection by making a call, trying texting, and accessing the internet. Make sure that everything is functioning properly before relying on the cellular card for your communication needs.

Ensuring the activation of local cellular cards is crucial for seamless communication during your international travels. By familiarizing yourself with the regulations and following the activation process, you can stay connected throughout your trip.

Let’s make these process smoother, by choosing SIMCardAirportBali.com as your best partner. We offer pre-order services, allowing you to have your activated SIM card ready upon arrival.

Say goodbye to long waits and enjoy instant connectivity in beautiful Bali with us!

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