How Much Is A SIM Card In Bali

How Much Is A SIM Card In Bali? – Price List for XL SIM Card For Tourist

How much is a sim card in Bali? Many tourists ask this question a lot when they are planning to visit Bali. It is not surprising because you might pay more for roaming costs if you use your original SIM card. Thus, it would be better to get a local SIM Card you can use during your vacation in Bali.

Before you learn more about the price, you should know the best card you can use in Bali. In this case, we recommend an XL SIM Card. Now, let’s talk about this SIM Card price.

The price of an XL SIM Card depends on the type of card you want to use. XL provider offers two types of cards, which are e-SIM cards and physical SIM cards. Here is a list of prices for both SIM Card types.


E-SIM Card XL has five packages you can choose based on its internet data or quota. Here are the five packages and the price for each of them:

∙         XL E-SIM Card 12 GB – $19

∙         XL E-SIM Card 22 GB – $26

∙         XL E-SIM Card 38 GB – $32

∙         XL E-SIM Card 75 GB – $39

∙         XL E-SIM Card 150 GB – $45

Physical SIM Card XL

As for physical SIM Cards, XL also offers five packages. They are:

∙         XL SIM Card 18 GB – $17

∙         XL SIM Card 25 GB – $23

∙         XL SIM Card 44 GB – $30

∙         XL SIM Card 76 GB – $37

∙         XL SIM Card 120 GB – $43

So, you can choose any of those packages based on how long you will stay in Bali. If you plan to have a short visit, like two or three days, using the cheapest is the best choice. But, if you plan to stay in Bali for more than a week, use the card with more internet data capacity.

Things to Know about XL SIM Card

All XL SIM Cards above only work in 4G and 4G+ networks. Therefore, your phone must also be compatible with this network. But you don’t need to worry about the speed, because they are quite fast and work in all areas of Bali.


So, how much is a sim card in Bali? We believe you know how much money you should prepare to get a SIM Card in Bali now. Next, you should visit to get your card. They offer affordable service for SIM cards and an easy purchasing system. Visit now!

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