3 Great Benefits of Using Prepaid SIM Card Bali

3 Great Benefits of Using Prepaid SIM Card Bali

The first thing you should get when you visit Bali is a prepaid sim card Bali. Most people might think that accommodation, trip schedules, and others are important. Yes, they are necessary, but without the internet, you will have a problem doing many things, including navigating all the tourist spots in Bali.

For that reason, you should purchase a local SIM Card in Bali. Then, you can enjoy your trip without having problems with communication and the internet. Furthermore, you also can get many benefits from using a local prepaid SIM Card in Bali. Here are some of them.

Save More Money 

You might use a high-quality SIM Card with the best internet provider. But, when you use it in other countries, in this case, you use it in Bali, Indonesia; you will pay for roaming costs. And, that can cost you a lot of money just for the internet or calling your friends or family.

Buying a local prepaid SIM Card in Bali will solve that problem. You only need to buy it once and you can use it with a local tariff. That is much more affordable than using your original SIM Card.

No Need Long-Term Contract

A prepaid SIM Card is also the best choice because of its short contract. All prepaid SIM cards in Indonesia only are available for 30 days of usage. After that, you can either renew the contract or change to a new SIM Card number.

Because of that feature, a prepaid SIM Card is suitable for your trip to Bali. You might only stay on this beautiful island for a short time, like a week or two. Therefore, you only need this SIM Card with a short-term contract.

In case you plan to stay for more than a month, all prepaid SIM cards are extendable. You only need to pay for new usage for the next month. Then, you can continue using its internet feature for much longer.

Suitable for All Phone

The prepaid SIM Card in Bali is also compatible with all kinds of phone systems. You can use the physical SIM Card for your trip to Bali. Or, if your phone uses an e-SIM Card, a prepaid e-SIM Card is also available for you.


It is the correct decision to get a prepaid sim card Bali whenever you travel to this island. As for the best place to get it, visit simcardairportbali.com. This place offers one of the best SIM cards in Indonesia, XL SIM cards at affordable prices. Therefore, go to that website now and buy the SIM Card you will use in Bali.

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