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eSIM vs Physical SIM: Which One is Better?

Confuse between eSim or physical sim?

People have used SIM cards for a long time, predating the eSIMs’ debut. So therefore, some benefits in using SIM cards are served, including their ease of use.

Simply tucked in or tucked out the card out of the phone, or its ability to be used in any smartphone.

Physical Sim Card

Furthermore, it is widely supported in most smartphones, unlike eSIM as it is a relatively newcomer in the market. However, SIM cards or regular SIMs also have their drawbacks. Its physical form makes it susceptible to harm or loss. If this happens, a new one must be obtained.

Overall, this type of card has been adopted for mobile connectivity, but they come with the possible risk of physical loss or damage. The emergence of eSIM presents a potential option, addressing some limitations associated with regular SIM cards.

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One popular technology is the use of eSIM, which has seen a significant increase in numbers in this digital age and is expected to continue growing, replacing regular sim card.

According to the Trusted Connectivity Alliance, eSIM demand has risen by 9% in 2023, indicating a rapid increase compared to its demand in 2020.

eSIM card is a digital counterpart of a regular or physical SIM card. It also has a smaller size than its physical form. While both cards assist a similar fundamental function, eSIM is built in directly onto the device’s motherboard, so the users can skip the physical insertion and removal as in regular SIM cards.

As technology continues to advance, more options are available for human communication. One popular technology is eSIM, which has seen a significant increase in numbers now in the digital age. This technology is expected to continue growing.

It is a built-in digital SIM that enables users to link their gadgets to the internet connection of a Telecom Service Provider (TSP) without using a physical SIM card.

Leading smartphone brands such as Samsung and Apple had introduced devices that support eSIM. Presently, more than 200 mobile service providers offer eSIM compatibility. However, despite its popularity, some users are unsure about the eSIM and its difference from the regular SIM.

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Benefit of eSim

Changing your phone number is impossible with eSIM, because the user’s information stored in the eSIM is rewritable. In terms of technology and internet compatibility, eSIM cards utilize the likewise technology and GSM network as regular SIM.

Furthermore, utilizing eSIM offers greater convenience, as you don’t have to buy a physical SIM card to be delivered to your home. Rather, simply activate it by making a quick call to the customer service of your service provider.

To utilize this digital card functionality, your smartphone must be compatible with eSIM. Fortunately, most providers in Indonesia, including Telkomsel, XL Axiata, and Axis, support eSIM users.

Overall, eSIM serves as a more streamlined and favorable approach to managing mobile connectivity, with the help of support from a wide range of carriers and smartphone brands.

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eSIM Benefits for the traveler

Because eSIM users continue to increase, many users assume that eSIM is way better than SIM cards. Is it true?Indeed, eSIM provides numerous advantages. One of the most beneficial of using eSIM is its compact size. Even compared to Nano SIM, which is already quite small with a surface area of 0.17 square inches, pales in comparison to eSIM, which doesn’t require a physical card at all.The built in eSIM inside phone’s motherboard is actually three times smaller than the Nano SIM. More perk of using eSIM is users are carefree on extracting the SIM tray using a paperclip or buying a new physical SIM when traveling internationally. Its convenience is helpful for tourists.READ:  Local Sim Card or Pocket Wifi for TravelingAlthough both cards have the same underlying technology and provide a similar performance and user experience, eSIM represents an upgraded physical SIM cards and is the future of smartphone technology. Even if you don’t currently use it, it’s likely that you are going to use eSIM for your next new smartphone.

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