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10 Important Things to Prepare Before International Trip

Are you planning for your international trip abroad?

Sure, there will always be more countries that have opened their borders for international trip visitors and this made traveling abroad popular again in this post Covid era.

Each country serves distinctive scenery, cultures, and other types of tourist attractions. But, before you jet off to this trip, make sure that you have packed and prepared for the essentials.

First thing first, check out the following necessary things to – do before your vacay.

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1. Updated passport and visa

Passport and Visa have to be the first document that must be in your list. Passport is an important document that must be checked before you leave Indonesia and also enter your destination country.

It is advised that you have a hard copy and soft copy of it. Meanwhile, Visa is needed for Indonesian citizens before entering some countries that require us to bring it. Some countries, such as the USA, require us to bring visas along.

Therefore, before deciding which country that you’d like to visit, find out the information whether the visa is required or not and what type of visa is needed. Because there are some types of visa depending on your purpose to visit the country.

2. Seeking health advisor and preparing personal medicine

Make sure you have met your health advisor and bring along your personal medicine. Because some drugs may not be available in your destination country, especially when it is prescribed – only medicine.

Put your personal medicine in a separate small bag where you easily carry and retrieve it whenever you need it.

3. Stocking wallet with applicable currency and acceptable payment methods

Visiting another country means that we need their currency to buy anything while staying there. So, make sure that you know their currency and exchange your Rupiah with their currency.

Do this after you plan your budget on how much you want to spend for your trip while staying in your destination country. You may also prepare the acceptable payment methods so you don’t have to bring a lot of cash on your trips.

4. Plug in adapter

Bringing a plug in adapted may seem non-mandatory but this is really important. Some countries may not have the same power outlets as in Indonesia, so your electronic plug may not be working in your destination country. Instead, bring extra adapter

Or you can get your hands to get this adapted at a local electronic store once you arrive in the destination country. It might be inconvenient and more expensive but you can use the adapter that must work in their country.

Our Happy Customer Which ready for their international trip with XL Bali Sim Card #6
Our Happy Customer Which ready for their international trip with XL Bali Sim Card #3

5. Check for travel warnings and advisories

One more thing to prepare is to check on the State Department’s website of your destination countries whether they have issued travel warnings or not.

Because some countries may encounter some threat for tourists and some travel insurance may not cover some countries that have issued travel warnings. You can gain information from travel agencies for this and get some travel advisories

6. Travel insurance

Another thing that must be prepared is travel insurance. Some people might think this is not mandatory but it can make your experience more convenient and safe.

Furthermore, by preparing your travel insurance, you can keep your travel budget when something risky occurs. It is highly recommended to include this insurance on your list.

7. Learning local language

Learning a local language might also be called survival language on your international trip. Try to install dictionary apps on your phone and learn some useful words you can use to communicate with the locals.

Or at least, use English as a basic international language. Learn some phrases or words to greet, ask for directions, or order some food.

8. Itinerary

Planning your vacation by making an itinerary in advance must be convenient for some travelers. By making one you can minimize confusion when you are in your destination country as you know where to go, what you can do, and how to get there to save time and budget.

Make sure to make a good and detailed itinerary including duration, transportation, even what you can eat at each place. 

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9. Getting vaccinated

Whether the world is in a pandemic or not, all tourists are highly expected to get vaccinations. Even some countries require tourists to get a number of vaccines. Some vaccines may give an effect for your body, try to get them in advance.

10. Check and plan your cell phone

Although you may go on short trips, it is always a good way to know how to get in touch with your family and friends for a call when you have reached the destination countries or even the government in case of an emergency.

It’s reassuring to realize that living in a technologically advanced era has made it easier to utilize free communication services like Whatsapp or other social media platforms from anywhere.

However, since these services require an internet connection, it’s crucial to check your cell phone plan before relying on them.

While some cell phone cards can still be activated and used abroad, others may not have this capability. Therefore, before you embark on your journey, ensure that you check the compatibility of your SIM card with your mobile phone.

You can get this info and help by visiting your provider company on how to get an internet connection while staying in your destination country using their brand. They might give you some options.

Some travel agencies might also recommend some portable wifi rental or getting information from internet operator booths you can find in the airport.

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Those are some lists you need to prepare before going on an international trip. Start planning and preparing for your trip in advance to have a carefree time and an unforgettable international trip experience.

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