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How to Manage Internet Data Plan For Trips?

Ability to manage internet data is essential to ensure you stay connected without exceeding your limits when traveling.

You may have heard horror stories of people returning home from an international trip only to be greeted with an exorbitant phone bill due to roaming data charges.

But the good news is that there are various options available to obtain internet data plans for your trip, ranging from free services to premium ones.

You don’t have to be the one paying a fortune for phone bills. It’s common sense that during a trip, especially an international one, we rely heavily on our smartphones.

It’s like having everything we need on one device, from accessing maps and airline boarding passes to using other travel apps and staying in touch with people back home.

However, international data roaming can be extremely expensive. This article will outline some options you can consider to stay connected online while traveling.

It is not that hard to stay connected, but choosing the best internet data plan is the crucial one.

The Best Data Plan Option for International Trip

It is not that hard to stay connected whenever and wherever we can during our vacation, but choosing the best internet data plan is crucial. Here are some options you can get that should work for you.

1. Using Mobile Provider Services

One first thing you need to do is to check your mobile phone provider whether they offer roaming services that you can use for countries you are visiting or not. These services are commonly referred to as international data plans.

If they offer it, it can be the easiest and cheapest one to stay online while traveling as you still can use your phone and SIM Card. Call the provider’s customer service to get the best data plan option according to your need and budget.

Knowing and choosing the best data plan services and prices will be effective for you. However, if you don’t plan to use your provider’s data while traveling abroad, don’t forget to disable your data roaming before leaving to avoid getting huge internet charges once you arrive in a different country.

First place to manage internet data is at XL Booth At I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport

2. Buy a Travel SIM Card

For some travelers, buying a travel SIM Card might be the best choice, especially when you visit some countries. This can be more convenient, especially when you are visiting more than one country.

3. Buy a Local SIM Card

Buying a local SIM card can be the best choice when traveling abroad as it offers cost-effective and convenient options to stay online.

Moreover, choosing a local SIM card is often more affordable compared to travel SIM cards, although prices may vary depending on your destination. The data services offered are reasonably priced, with data plans ranging from $15 to $44 for providers like Telkomsel and XL. However, in some countries, obtaining a local SIM card can be challenging due to regulations.

If you are visiting Indonesia, you can easily obtain a local SIM card by accessing our website upon your arrival at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport or Bali International Airport. Our booths located near the airport exit gates. We offer reliable information and services related to SIM cards and internet connectivity, ensuring you stay connected during your trip.

There is a diverse selection of data package options available, ensuring fast and reliable connectivity. Make sure your phone is unlocked to easily use a local SIM card during your trip.

Renting a portable hotspot or modem

Another way to can choose is using a portable hotspot or also called a modem. It is a standalone device to provide WI-Fi spots for up to five devices.

This is a great option too when you are traveling together with friends or family and want to economize your internet usage. This way, you are carefree in unlocking your phone and another good news is some portable modem brands offer 5G speed that allows you to get super–fast internet speed.  Some devices might also use an external antenna to boost the signal even more.

One more advantage thing about this option is that you can rent them for one–stop trip to limit your budget. However, using a modem might be more expensive if you only travel alone and most of the time, only one device is used.

Utilize available local Wi-Fi whenever you can

If the options mentioned above sound like too much work or if you’re concerned about the budget, the best suggestion is to take advantage of the available local Wi-Fi as you travel.

In this era of technology, free Wi-Fi can be easily found in some countries, including Indonesia. Many restaurants, bars, hotels, coffee shops, and even public spaces offer free Wi-Fi connections.

Thanks to this technological advancement, accessing free Wi-Fi has become more convenient. Additionally, it is worth considering investing in a wireless range extender or travel router. These devices can boost a weak Wi-Fi signal and allow you to connect to it from a greater distance.

So, that’s all how you can manage internet data while traveling. 

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