The Cost of SIM Card in Bali for Tourists to Get Local Services 

The Cost of SIM Card in Bali for Tourists

Among the things you need to know before visiting Bali is the cost of SIM card in Bali. It becomes one of the crucial things for you because you will need the services of local SIM cards while you are there. Not knowing the cost of this specific matter may lead you to scams, which will not be beneficial. So, it is better to find information about it before visiting Bali.

A Variety of Service Provider Packages in Bali

Concerning the SIM card cost in Bali, it varies widely since there are several service providers available. More importantly, there are different packages to choose from those providers to meet your needs for the services. It means that generally the cost can either be cheap or expensive depending on your needs and preferences of the services. That makes it much more important to know the available choices of the packages in the first place.

Some examples of the packages to purchase for foreigners include the best offers from XL. There are XL sim cards with internet quota included in different amounts for you to consider. The one that has an 18GB total internet quota is $16.00. Meanwhile, there are also 25GB, 44GB, and 120GB options available. Each one of them will cost $23.00, $29.00, and $42.00 respectively. 

Go For Airport Sim Card Service Provider

Buying it directly from local stores around the streets of Bali can be tricky for foreigners. You may need to go to the stores way outside the airport upon arriving in Bali. At this point, your best choice is to find the closest place possible to get the SIM card right away after your arrival. Incorporating the offers from a trusted airport sim card seller like PT SKA is a reasonable option for you. 

It is the recommended option since it has experience in dealing with foreigners who need active local SIM cards to use immediately after arrival. More importantly, it also has the experience of choosing the perfect local service providers that offer the best overall communication service. It is even capable of finding the right sim card and packages for any activity and area to visit in Bali. 

More importantly, it is possible to make an online purchase even before arriving in Bali for the sim card. You can do that right away from the official website mentioned earlier. That way you do not need to pay for the cost of a SIM card in Bali anymore upon arriving in Bali for your joyful trip.

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