SIM Card In Bali Vs Portable Wi-Fi

SIM Card In Bali Vs Portable Wi-Fi: Which One to Choose?

When you’re travelling outside your country, an internet connection might be one of the things that you’re concerned about. If you’re from abroad and visiting Bali, you can buy a SIM card in Bali to get such a connection. But there is also another option: a portable Wi-Fi. So, which one to choose? Here is some consideration.

Pros and Cons of Using a Local SIM Card

One of the benefits of using a local SIM card to access the internet when you travel to Bali is that you don’t need to bring an additional device. This means that there’s not another device that you have to charge. You can always connect to the internet as long as you have your smartphone on. Moreover, unlike a Wi-Fi portable that you have to return after the rental period is over, you can opt for keeping or throwing the local SIM card away after you have done using it.

So, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to return the portable Wi-Fi at the airport once your trip in Bali is over. But using a local SIM card also has some drawbacks, especially compared to a portable Wi-Fi. First, a local SIM card can only be used on one device for an internet connection. And second, you usually need to register and change some settings on your smartphone before being able to use the SIM card to connect to the internet.

If you are solo traveling, using a local SIM card in Bali will be more suitable because it’s relatively more affordable. It’s also easy to buy one. You can buy a local SIM card at the airport upon your arrival in Bali. Don’t doubt to ask the representative to help you choose the best local SIM card for your needs.

Pros and Cons of Using a Portable Wi-Fi

A portable Wi-Fi is practical; you just need to turn the device on, connect it to your device, and you are connected to the internet. No registration and changing settings needed, making a portable Wi-Fi much simpler. Another biggest benefit of using a portable Wi-Fi is that it can be connected to more than one device, usually up to 5 different devices.

This makes a portable Wi-Fi much more ideal to use when you travel in a group, such as with your friends or family. By renting only one portable Wi-Fi, you and your friends can have an internet connection.

So, it depends on your needs whether to choose a local SIM card in Bali or portable Wi-Fi. Ready for traveling?

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