XL eSim Card 22GB

Rp 350,000

This package include:

  1. Applicable Quotas for 41 Cities (can be checked here).
  2. Quota Distribution:
    • National Quota: 22 GB
  3. 4G & 4G+ speed mobile internet in applicable areas
  4. Only Valid For 30 days; extendable
  5. Suitable for all supported phone and all unlocked devices.
  6. Airport delivery and activation are free. Read here how to activate your sim card and what wee need.
  7. Adffordable and fast delivery to your accommodation in Bali
  8. We will make the SIM card active for you.
  9. We will refund your money if the SIM card is defective.


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Banner Description of XL Bali eSim Card

The allocation consists of this XL Bali Sim Card is national quota of 22GB and valid throughout Indonesia. There is a 5 minutes free call allowance in the XL and Axis networks with terms and conditions.

The Indonesian government recently introduced regulations requiring registration of all new SIM cards by the individual user and also by the handset they will be used in by registering the device’s IMEI number. We will handle the registration when you purchase a SIM card from us. So you can skip the long queues, and your card is automatically activated as soon as you arrive in Bali.

  • Phone’s imei (screenshot or photo) from setting or check from dialing *#06#
  • Photo of the customer’s passport (1 passport can be used for a maximum of 3 different IMEIs and 3 SIM cards).
  • Passport selfie: simply a photo of you holding your passport to verify your identity
  • You can supply it via email at simbabali@gmail.com or one of our contact numbers: +6287820582327, +628572668 0712, or +6285739772572.


After registration, you can only use the SIM card for 30 days. After that, you need to recharge the SIM card’s balance to increase the active period.


And the device is active for 90 days. After that, your phone will be blocked in Indonesia. You can buy the sim card again from us, and we will do another registration for you.


Note: The SIM card can only be used with the phone that we register using the phone’s IMEI.

Don’t worry, we work directly  XL providers in the registration process, so your personal information is safe and secure. For additional information or other questions you can access the faqs page.


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XL Bali eSim Card 22GBXL eSim Card 22GB
Rp 350,000
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